Questions and Answers

So, who are you guys, really? What’s the organization behind ADMAG?
ADMAG is made possible by a passionate and dedicated group of volunteers who serve on the executive board, the generosity and engagement of various local organizations, and the engagement and interest of the local D&I practitioner community.

Is there a fee to join ADMAG?

Is there a fee to attend a luncheon event?

May I invite a guest to attend a luncheon with me?
Yes.  If you are a member, you may register others as guests.

Can my organization host a luncheon event?
Sure. If your organization can accommodate about 50 attendees and is able to provide lunch, drop us a line at Thanks.

Can ADMAG have a session on ___________?
The executive board meets early in the year and maps out a general schedule of topics for the next 12 months. Planning teams are formed at this time and these teams are tasked with fleshing out the topics and developing the actual program. If you have suggestions for meeting topics, let us know.

What are the requirements to serve on the executive board?
As mentioned above, the executive board is a working board. We plan and execute each session.
Board members are expected to be engaged, to attend most events and board meetings in the intervening months. Board members are expected to bring something significant to the table. This could be their time and effort, an expansive professional network, their expertise, or access to organizational resources. If you are interested in serving on the board, speak to an existing board member.

What do you do with the information you collected when I signed up?
We use the information to understand who our members are and their organizational responsibilities and interests. In addition to the invitations to register and attend our luncheon events, we also occasionally send notices about events and offers which we believe may be of interest to members of Atlanta’s diversity and inclusion community.

Any other important questions we missed?  Drop us a line at