Code of Conduct

Personal Conduct

ADMAG aims to facilitate networking and meaningful learning experiences, whether in meetings or in online discussions, in which members can openly, candidly and productively discuss potentially sensitive and difficult topics. ADMAG members and guests, therefore, are expected to model professional, inclusive, and respectful conduct at all times.


ADMAG observes a rule of confidentiality in order to respect the individuals and company representatives who participate in our discussions. Corporate and non-corporate members have proprietary information, and the preference is for all parties to share their knowledge and experiences equally and with confidence.

Unless otherwise specifically indicated, any information shared at ADMAG sessions and/or shared online is to be considered sensitive and proprietary. Do not distribute, publish, forward or otherwise disseminate any shared, posted, or e-mailed information without obtaining prior explicit permission.


ADMAG strives to create an environment in which members can freely generate and share knowledge and form relationships. This is an inappropriate environment for lead generation and selling. ADMAG members and guests will refrain from commercial solicitation and business development efforts during member events or in online discussions.